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Welcome to KJB Magickal Place.  This Site is all about  Kimberly J Brown. as for you all to enjoy browsing this site at anytime. You will see few Links about Biography, Other Links related . and contact me.

Here is the Scoop:

Kimberly J Brown was born in Gaithersburg Maryland . She is the oldest of three brothers. She currently resided in Santa Clarita area in California. Her parents : Richard and Diane Brown. Siblings: Richard Jr. Roman and Dylan. She loves to watch Will & Grace, her favorite singing group is Dixie Chicks, the foods she loves the most is Chocolate ( as you see the few scenes that showed  she ate chocolate candies in the movie of Tumbleweeds.

Back in 1989, When Kimberly turned 5 yrs old. she started doing the commericals.  and also She was starred in  three different Broadways at age of 7 and then The Brown s family decided to move to California to persue further of Kimberly s interest in Acting debuts.

When Kimberly turned 8 or 9 yrs old. she starred in Guiding Lights for few years then she moved up to doing in Movies like Tumbleweeds, Halloween 1 & 2, Quints and Breaking down the House. she also participated few Voices for Animated Movies. She also was guest star in few TV Shows  like Touched By an Angel, SUV, Jay Leno Tonight Show. etc.

Today. Kimberly is remarkable talented College Student and she is in her first year. I surely hope she will come back do more Acting  in Movies or TV in the  near future. Let us keep our Eyes open her upcoming Debuts and Movies.

Brown is Scottish name. She is part of Scottish. Maybe some other mixed. I would guess She may be part of English, German and little bit of Irish and maybe Indian.

Her favorite free time would be: Hang out with friends at the Mall. spend time with Family. she loves to cook. She loves to dance, singing, acting. her favorite sport is Basketball, Softball and Rollerblading.

I hope you all enjoy this site. If you have any questions Pls go to the Link it says Contact me. You will find my E mail address in it.





Here is the Scoop about me. How I become a Fan.

Actually. almost a year and half ago. While I was living in Florida. One day. It was boring Raining day. very Typical weather for Florida in the Summer season. I decided to turn on the TV and flipping the channel with Remote Control. and turn on my Closed Captioned ( I am hard of hearing ) Oh Boy!. Nothing is on. so I discovered Disney Channel. I decided to watch the Movie. because It is all about Halloween. which it is my Favorite Holiday.

When I was watching. Kimberly caught my heart and I kept watching her until the end of the Movie. Wow. she is amazing. I didnt think about her at all for a year. Until a month ago.  I saw the movie again. Guess what! It capture my heart again. and She got my attention, and I had urge feeling inside and telling me she is good lady. so I decided do Fansite about her.

So. I went to the Video Store and brought some Movies that she was in it. I came home and watch it right away to catch up whats  up with her.

 I recommanded you all Fan to rent the movie " Breaking down the House" it is very very funny. Most Deaf People would understand this movie very well. It is very easy to follow to each scenes.

Thanks for viewing this Site. If you have any comments. Pls go to my Link of Contact me.


 so I decided set this Fan site about her.


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