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The formative years...

On This Page. You will learn more about Miss Brown s professional life as a Actress.
Kimberly Jean Brown
She was 5 when she first started in TV commericals. then age of 7 she move on done three Broadways. One that I know it called "Showboat" and two others which I am not sure.
Age 9, She started doing Soap Opera called "Guiding Light" for few years then she went on doing Movies. such as "Halloweentown 1& 2 , Quints,  and "Breaking down the House" and doing some Voices for Animated Movies. and She also done some Guest Stars on TV shows. such as Touched By an Angel, SUV :Criminal show, The Jay Leno Tonight Show, The Conan O Brien Show . (Oops!! I forgot about Tumbleweeds... she was in it that one too)
She did win few Awards.  You can go to
it has many  photos of Kimberly J Brown and her Honors Informations what did she win for.

As what I have read about Kimberly J Brown s early Career. I think she did the right thing. because so many Kids and Young people dont get the chance like she did. learn to work. and have fun same time. get out to meet people as early age that will lead a better life and help you to make decision on life easier. As for me, I didnt learn to meet people and make life decision until I was 20 yrs old!
I applaud for Rick and Diane Brown for thier big encouragement to Kim as she was so young. put her in acting career is the smart thing to do. but. at the same time. Kimberly does need have a normal life too. thats why she went to College and get experienced in real life asa first year student.
as what Kimberly does her best in her acting career. She earned money to save for college. thats what most kids should have done that when they are small to start saving money. College is not cheap anymore. it is very expensive. Thats why so many Kids ended up workign part time and try to save money for college and get a car. Now Lots of students have to applied for Student Loans. which it is NOT good. so Kimberly has a better chance to get it paid off before she graduate in 2007.
Im very sure Kimberly will achieve her goals whatever she take on her path that lead her into bright future. She ddid the right thing to do. I dont see anythign wrong for putting the Kids to work as early age. I wish I did. Eveyrone s path is different from each other. but we all have same goal. SUCCESSFUL in our life .
Diane and Kimberly.. I will pray for you both that God will give you strength and serve him . I think you are as a person. Money doesnt count. what is count is your Heart and your love for others around you.  you see. here is my Motto" Money fly away. Love is here always stay here  never leave" so think about it. Love is  little precious gift and share one another . Money is just a piece of paper. Love is everything. Many of us dont realized when comes to Love. so Diane Loves Kimberly so much she will always be her daughter. thats why Mother s Love is very important. that s make difference in life.
God bless you Diane!! 
Kimberly Hang in there Girl  you will make it . Trust your Higher Power.

At a Glance

Date of Birth: November 16 1984
Education:  Unknown
Family History: Scotland
First Professional Role: TV commerical, three Broadways.
Astrological Sign: Scorpio