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Contact Me
Contact Me

I am a Psychic Reader. If you want a Reading. Pls contact me anytime

Please use I.M or E mail. . I will be glad to set up private reading in private chatroom ok? upon your request.

Here is my SN /E mail address to reach me. or

Those Readings are free. No charge to be made. I dont believe to charge anyone with my special gift that God gave me. I will use it as much its worth.

You have to be at age of 18 or older to recieve this Reading.


 I would like to have  Teenagers and Adults to write a Essay about Halloweentown 3 and see if you can combinded Marnie Piper and Harry Potter . They both fought against Evil. Do you think Kalabar is follower of Voldemort? what if Kalabar is best buddy with Professor Snape? Write a Essay. I wanted to hear your Creative Writing skills.

Another thing you can write. about. what happen to Dylan Piper (Marnie s brother)? What happen to the Cromwell Witches? Did Marnie made up her mind where she wanted go to? ( go to Halloweentown or stay on Earth) or did she go to Hogwarts? or go to Salem Masschuette? ( after her completed with her training as a Witch)

What will happen with Draco and Marnie confronted for their challenges of thier magick differences.? Will Josh Malfoy fall heel over Marnie s young Sister, Sophie?

Do you think the Cromwell Kids go to Griffiyndor ? or Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw? You tell me. I wanted to hear your words. It should be interesting.

I will put all your Essay in order.. and I will have it posted in My Groups in Yahoo. for Everyone to read. Let us hope Kimberly will read it too. Im very sure it will very interesting.

By the way, I love Harry Potter. and Halloweentown 1 and 2 . so Feel free to write Essay and E mail it to me. the E mail address are above this page.

I will let Kimberly J Brown to pick the Essay Winner . this will be annoucment in the near future.

Good Luck!!